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Simple Habits that Helps You Live Longer!

Bad teeth can lower your life expectancy and preventing gum disease helps you live longer. Did you know that people with periodontal gum disease are twice as likely to die and live shorter, of any cause, before the age of 64 as there healthy-mouth counterparts? Did you know that gum disease cripples your immune system? The presence of this oral infection makes it far more difficult for your body to cope with systemic illness or fight off infections of any kind. Worse still, gum infections are not isolated to the mouth. They may transport via the blood to infect any organ through which they circulate. One study indicated that periodontal disease was a precursor to premature death for patients with poor oral hygiene. These same patients with periodontal disease were also three times more likely to die from heart disease!

  • Heart Attack & Stroke: Increases the likelihood of heart attack and stroke
  • Pancreatic Cancer & Kidney Disease: Linked to pancreatic cancer and chronic kidney disease
  • Respiratory Illness: Contributes to respiratory illnesses
  • Diabetes: Lessens the ability to control diabetes
  • Neurological Illness: Negatively impacts memory and contributes to dementia

Avoiding gum infections can increase your lifespan. Preventing gum disease is a simple matter of regular brushing, flossing, professional cleanings, and regular dental and periodontal checkups. However, if you already suffer from gum disease, there are treatments available to eliminate gum infection and ensure a long, healthy life.

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