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“I love this place. I was soooo scared to have an implant, and had heard so many horror stories. They were NOT on my PPO, but their prices were almost identical, even out of network! So I chose them, as someone told me they were trustworthy. They called me and checked on me. They cared about me. It was so much easier than I expected and they always answer the phone and get you in when you want your appointment!” – Melissa M

Dear friend,

Have you lost a tooth or two over the years? Or do you have a bad tooth that needs to be pulled, yet you don’t know all the options or are afraid of proceeding forward with proposed treatment?

If so, you’re in the same boat as many people in America. Almost 4% of adults between the ages of 20 and 64 in this country have no remaining teeth. That’s 12 million Americans!

These statistics could be broken down into different ethnic backgrounds and categories, too. When we look at the new breakdowns, we find that current smokers and those with lower incomes and lower education are more likely to have no remaining teeth.

The question is how did they get to the point where they have NO teeth at all?

The answer is seen in the statistics: it happens slowly.

Take a look at this chart from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research to find out how many teeth are missing in people of different age groups:

20-34 years old 
Missing 5 teeth
35 to 49 years old
Missing 7 teeth
50 to 64 years old 
Missing 9+ teeth

It’s hard to believe that so many young people are losing their teeth! Certainly, some of these young adults have lost teeth from trauma – such as injuries in sports, car accidents, beatings, and work accidents… it grieves my heart to know the suffering they – and possibly you – are going through.

It’s also hard to fathom what it’s like for people missing 9 or more teeth to eat a meal. This means they most likely stopped eating out in restaurants. They can’t even go to their favorite Steak Houses such as Outback, Texas Roadhouse, LongHorn, Cattleman’s, Sizzlers or Black Angus Steakhouse. There’s nothing for them to eat on the menu.

And forget about eating salads for lunch or early dinners.

Once a tooth is missing, the food gets stuck in the hole where the tooth was, your bite is off kilter, and you may even end up biting your cheek by mistake.

Ouch that hurts!

The Pain of Having Missing Teeth

“Today was awesome, I want to thank Dr. Vadivel for bring back my mother’s smile. It's been several years since another dental office screwed up my poor mother’s teeth and left her looking horrible. But not anymore! Dr. Vadivel gave my mom her confidence back. Now she's finally back to normal and with a big smile. Thanks again Dr. Vadivel” – Senaida Q

And now that I think about it, there’s pain of all kinds that someone who is missing a tooth has to put up with:

• Psychological pain – Depression is common in those who are missing one or more teeth. Anxiety is commonly experienced before and during social situations. And of course, becoming a shut-in is not the answer! We, as humans, are social beings and need each other.

• Physical pain – This occurs from the stresses and strains on the teeth surrounding the missing tooth. You need 28 teeth in your mouth (other than the wisdom teeth that normally requires removal for various reasons at varying age groups), and they all act together as a unit. When one of them is gone, the others try to compensate. They begin moving to fill in the gap. This causes bite problems, can splinter other good teeth, and cause bone loss in the jaw.

• Emotional pain – You can’t help but watch other people stare directly at your mouth, looking at the missing tooth area. It’s embarrassing.

However, the longer the tooth is missing, the more you’ll discover that people are judging you negatively because you have a tooth missing.

Yes, it’s mean… but it happens and will continue to happen. Will you end up becoming bitter in old life – just because of a tooth? Some people do! You feel as if you are being bullied, and can already count on one hand the number of times you have been passed over for a promotion or a new job…

Oh, I forgot to mention another type of emotional pain that you may have already had to deal with. It’s the pain of rejection by your partner. You may have noticed the little ways your partner avoids kissing you since your tooth went missing.

You can pass it off so he/she is busy, preoccupied, or whatever, but the bottom line is that there truly has been a change in your relationship. And on top of all this, you don’t feel sexy anymore!

It’s all so unfair how you are being treated in life… and how your confidence went from high to in the dumps – just because of a missing tooth!

But do take heart because modern dentistry has advanced to the point where dentists can now replace missing teeth quite successfully.

It’s with dental implants.

Who am I and What’s My Background in Dentistry?

“Dr. Vadivel and his team were friendly, professional, accommodating, and informative. Their focus was on a complete and safe procedure and recovery. After the procedure they provided me with all the needed after care supplies and prescriptions with easy to follow instructions. The entire process was as painless as possible.”– Nathan F.

Let me explain how, but first, you should know who I am.

I’m Dr. Kumar Vadivel, a highly-regarded and highly-rated Dental Specialist Periodontal Gum Specialist specializing in Dental Implants in your area. I’m not just an ordinary dentist – you know like one who just got out of dental school and hasn’t been practicing very long. Nope, that’s not me. I’ve been practicing for 24 years, and loving every minute of it!

I’m also not like a lot of dentists that chose the profession for reasons other than creating fabulous smiles and long-lasting teeth that are still sound when people are in the grave. In fact, I can’t imagine why a dentist wouldn’t make this his or her goal!

I’m one of a select number of dentists that consciously made the decision to go the distance for my patients. That means getting further education in specialty areas – such as dental implants, gum disease, oral surgery, and so on.

There’s so much to this subject – and with all this training – and tens of thousands of patient visits over the years, I am able to help patients with dental implants that I never could before – years ago when I was a beginning dentist.

What Is A Dental Implant?

I just had a thought – you may not even know what a dental implant is! You might have a vague concept but that’s about it. Let me explain it right now.

A dental implant is a bio-compatible, man-made titanium post that is surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath the gum line. It acts as a tooth root and allows your dentist to mount a replacement tooth or a bridge onto it.

Once this is done, presto… you have new new tooth, that looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth!

An implant doesn't come loose like a denture can. Most implants now replace the roots of existing teeth that have been damaged by trauma or are considered unfixable.

An implant may be considered when there’s a ‘failing’ tooth where the nerve root is dead, or it can fill in the space of a tooth that recently fell out.

After fitting the implant, a dental crown is added on top, you end up with the strength, look and feel of natural, healthy teeth.

So who is it that would benefit from dental implants? Take a look at the list below and see if you fit into this category – since not everyone does!

Who Is a Candidate for a Dental Implant?

“Dr. Vadivel did an excellent job on my implant. The process was explained extremely well, and everything went exactly as he described. The staff is friendly and welcoming. I would definitely come back here and recommend their office to my family and friends!” – Brittany S

Someone who:

• has had difficulty chewing steak and vegetables

• is tired of missing out on eating steaks, salads, crunching a crisp apple, and other foods that involve chewing

• noticed their health has been deteriorating because of teeth issues and inability to eat more nutritious foods

• avoids eating socially with friends and family because of missing or failing teeth

• avoids photos

• is ashamed of having a gap in between teeth

• has an ill-fitting denture that is difficult or hurts to wear

• has pain when chewing

• feels embarrassed when smiling, even in front of the mirror

• is tired of using dental adhesive for dentures

• has difficulty speaking clearly due to teeth issues

• feels the need to be whole again

• has noticed rapid aging of the face since tooth loss

• has been told by the dentist the bone in the jaw is shrinking

• feels older than their real age

• has an unattractive smile

• has numbness in the face and lips, headaches, or a sore jaw

• has stopped dating because of what’s occurring inside the mouth

• have noticed teeth shifting in the mouth from their original locations

• wants real teeth back in their mouth and longs for the good old days

• has been depressed about what your smile looks like for quite some time

• has noticed personality changes since missing a tooth or teeth changes

• no longer feels sexy because of what’s happening inside the mouth

• has problems in their relationship with their spouse/partner due to bad odor from your mouth or bad teeth

• is jealous of those who were born with good teeth

• chews better without partials or dentures

If you answered “YES” to a number of the questions above, it’s possible that you may be a good candidate for dental implants.

In fact, the higher your score of YES answers to the above questions, the more likely it is that dental implants will be successful for you.

However, remember that your dentist is the best person to evaluate where you stand on dental implants, whether or not you’re a candidate for them, and what type of implants would be the best for you.

You know, some people reading this list of items on the checklist are convinced they need a dental implant just from the list. They’ve been suffering for a very long time and want resolution.

If you’re like them, you might want the phone number to book an appointment right now. I’d prefer that you keep reading this report because I want you to understand the whole process a lot better – but here’s the phone number anyway: 214-304-7561.

What Happens When You Get a Dental Implant?

There are steps to every dental procedure. When you get a dental implant, you don’t need any surprises whatsoever. Here’s specifically how the process is done:

1. If you have a failing or damaged tooth, it is painlessly removed.

2. The actual dental implant is “planted” into your actual jawbone. In some cases, the dental implant is attached on top of the jawbone underneath your gum line. (See the section called All-on-Four Dental Implants.) The type of implant used depends on how thick the bone is at the location of the implant. During this step, we use sedation dentistry that makes the process very comfortable.

3. Your body starts to cement the titanium post into place by building up bone or tissue around the implant. This step may take anywhere from two to six months. Some patients wear a temporary denture during this step.

By the way, what is happening in this phase is that your body is taking in the implant and making it a natural part of your body.

4. When I see that the titanium implant has been thoroughly accepted by your body by fusing to your own bone, I then attach a wider connection to the implant. Your new tooth is attached to this new connection with the advanced adhesives or screws that bond it there forever.

5. Now you have a brand new tooth! Your body thinks it’s part of you and you won’t feel a difference between your natural teeth and the new one.

The dental implant process is one I have done thousands of times in my office with satisfied patients over many years. Plus I have to vouch for my staff – I know you will find them not only well trained but also caring and compassionate. They will take care of any additional questions you have.

“Dr. Vadivel's staff is wonderful. Can't say enough good things about his staff. Dr. Vadivel helped me with my implants. I have two and one of  plants was failing. I have been around the world trying to find someone who knew enough about the issues to help me. Apparently a lot of dentists and oral surgeons can place implants, but when things go wrong, as I have found out, only a few really have the expertise to determine what the problems are and to fix the problems. He is very knowledgeable about the issues and hopefully my problems are behind me. I would greatly recommend Dr. Vadivel.” – Barbara E

All-On-Four Dental Implants

Have you ever considered the cost of dental implants? Here’s a list of some of the costs:

• Cost of healing time

• Cost of pain and embarrassment of not having teeth

• Cost of care of any products for the teeth

• Health costs

• Personal and emotional well-being cost

• Nutritional deficiency cost – and the cost of the pain and grief from all the nutritional deficiency symptoms

The All-On-4 procedure is one of the types of dental implants we can use. The big advantage is that it saves you time and money. It’s good for those who have failing teeth, no teeth, are wearing dentures, and need full upper and/or lower restorations.

Four to six implants are used in traditional full set reconstruction using dental implants. However, sometimes more are needed. But in the All-On-4 Procedure, dentists only use four implants. You get a full set of teeth per arch. The arch is supported by the new teeth that are now held by the implants.

With All-On-4 Dental Implants, the procedure could be completed in one dental visit. By the time you walk out of the dental office, you could be heading out for a nice meal.

Your bite is 70% better or greater. Your gums will then be healing over the next 3 to 4 months, and the permanent teeth are attached after this part of the process is completed.

Patients love the All-On-4 Dental implants as well as dentists. The success rate is 98% for up to 10 years of usage. In one long-term dental study of 250 patients, 95% of them were satisfied with their new teeth.

“I had my final follow up appointment (1 year) for my dental implant. My visit went well and Dr. Vadivel and Staff was helpful and friendly as always. I had a great overall experience.” – Bill L

Benefits of Dental Implants

I thought I’d put a quick list of some of the benefits received from going forward and getting dental implants:

1. They may be brushed like your regular teeth.

2. You look like you had a facelift.

3. You no longer need dental adhesives.

4. They don’t cause pain by compressing your gums.

5. They prevent bone deterioration of the jaw unlike dentures.

6. No more embarrassment when you smile.

7. No more anxiety at social occasions.

8. You’re back to being a social butterfly again.

9. Your partner thinks you are sexy again!

10. The pain you had in your mouth is gone.

11. You can eat regular food again.

12. Higher self-esteem.

13. You will laugh and smile once again!

14. Improved speech.

15. No more worries you’ll scare the grandchildren with your dentures in a glass.

16. Improved oral health.

17. Durability. Dental implants last a lifetime when you take good care of them, and these are cost effective. Though from time to time they may need adjustment, with the help of our implants and gum-care center, they will last forever.

What excites me is that you will most likely add another 10 benefits to this list after your appointments and tell me how much they have transformed your life!

Comparing the Cost of Dental Implants to Other Physical Upgrades

You know, I’m saddened by decisions I see some of my patients make. They know they would benefit greatly from a dental implant but they say they don’t have the funds to do so. They don’t want to take advantage of our financial plans either.

When I see them six months later for a cleaning, they mention they took a vacation, bought a more expensive car, moved to a better neighborhood, had cosmetic surgery, or bought a brand new wardrobe and had a makeover.

All these things definitely have their place, and influence how they feel, how others perceive them and impacts relationships in a myriad of ways.

But they can be temporary enhancements that would be greatly improved if the smile was at the same level. The importance and effect of a beautiful smile has greater lasting power – yet it’s overlooked.

When they’re on that fancy vacation, people are still judging them for missing a tooth. When they’re in the new neighborhood, they quickly become known as the guy with the missing teeth. And seeing someone get out of a gorgeous car that does not have a beautiful smile says to the brain, “Something’s not right here…”

Cosmetic surgery is great as are makeovers and a brand new wardrobe, but those who have missing teeth or anything less than a brilliant smile are still missing the mark despite their great clothes!

And a great smile could be had for decades of use. That’s my goal – to give you a long-lasting smile with dental implants; one you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

You know, one thing that people forget to consider is the cost of not doing something about their teeth.

This is understandable, as it’s difficult to look ahead into the future and foresee what could happen unless you are actually in a dentist’s chair seeing what did happen to people who didn’t get implants when they had the chance to do so.

6 Reasons Why You Should NOT Postpone Implants

Here’s my list of the main reasons why you should get implants now and not postpone them:

1. Every tooth connects to your health directly.

2. Shifting teeth

3. Bad bite emerges

4. Gum disease and heart disease

5. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals

6. Rapid aging

1. Every Tooth Connects To Your Health Directly

Every tooth in your mouth is connected to different organs. It’s as if your mouth is a map to the rest of your body. With the advent of integrative medicine, we know now that a problem in a certain tooth correlates highly with a problem in an organ.

It could be that the forces of biting and chewing are making such a positive impact on the rest of the body. Natural teeth exert an average pressure of 45 pounds per square inch of force and range up to 75 pounds.

But with a missing tooth, you don’t have this stimulation to the nervous system. (By the way, studies show that 2 months after implants, patients were able to increase their maximal biting force by 85%. After 3 years, they had an average chewing force of 300% compared to what they had before the implants. You can call it bionic chewing!)

There’s a connection to the nervous system somehow with every tooth. Thus, if you are missing one or more teeth or these teeth are diseased, you will not get the nervous system to send the appropriate messages to the corresponding organs.

Here’s an example: One woman went to her MD and discovered she had high blood pressure and borderline diabetes. The doctor noted she had a problem with some of her teeth and gums, the one that correlated with the blood pressure and diabetes. He asked her to go to her dentist and get it fixed. When she did, the problem disappeared on its own.

2. Shifting Teeth

Other teeth that are sound will shift when there’s a missing tooth. This means you’ll end up with a smile worse than having one with a missing tooth.

3. Bad Bite Emerges

Your bite will be thrown off. This can cause headaches, temporo mandibular joint disorder (called TMD) that hurts whenever you open your mouth, broken teeth, and teeth that are wearing faster than they should.

4. Gum Disease and Heart Disease

Gum disease can start around teeth that are overworked because you are missing a tooth

Gum disease then leads to the risk of heart disease. Who wants to have a heart attack just because they lost a tooth?

5. Deficiencies in Vitamins and Minerals

Your nutritional status plummets over time. You can’t eat healthy foods and only want soft foods. Soft foods are generally processed foods, ones lacking in vitamins and minerals. With time, you get vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies contribute to every degenerative disease, including diabetes, neurological disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis (brittle bones).

6. Rapid Aging

You’ll age faster. Expect to see extra wrinkles around your mouth, a sagging chin, and your jawline disappear. Jowls will become large. The tongue will enlarge and speech issues will emerge.

Long ago, I witnessed this happen to one of my mother’s friends. She had limited income and lived essentially homeless and had lost a significant number of her teeth. She wouldn’t socialize anymore much and didn’t realize how much her depression was tied in with her teeth.

She told me, “I feel so old. Then I looked in the mirror one day and I looked like a witch!” Almost in tears, she confessed how she believed her dreams of saving animals from death row were all dashed against the rocks.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, one day a small child approached her in the laundromat and asked her if she was a witch! It was that amount of emotional chaos she had to experience before she finally decided to do something about her missing teeth.

After implants, she began to look normal again. Now when she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t think of herself as a witch.

“I was VERY afraid to get an implant. Visited with several board-certified oral surgeons in the area before deciding to go with Dr. Vadivel. He was the only one who examined me for free. Loved his staff and the center is obviously state-of-the-art. I just knew I was in good hands. Even got to watch a movie on plasma screen too while he worked. Not bad for a trip to the dentist!” – A Google User

Some Last Things You Should Know

1. No Reprimands in the Office

I do want you to know that when you make an appointment for your initial consultation with me, no matter how long it has been since you had dental work, I will not scold or embarrass you!

Why some dentists do that is beyond me… I see you as a person of how you are right now in time. There’s no need to dwell on the past, other than to find out what problems you had in the past that contributed to where you are now.

But after that, it’s time to jump onto the track where you get that great smile back that you have wanted for some time. You get the respect from others you deserve and there’s no more discrimination against you simply because you were in the dental hell time warp/black hole.

2. You Choose the Level of Pain You’ll Have in the Dental Chair

And if you have had far too much pain while sitting in other dentists’ chairs in the past, I want you to be comforted in knowing that I use some of the advanced methods of decreasing pain during a dental visit. It’s another of my specialties.

I take pride in this… and my patients have no qualms about booking regular check-ups or cleanings or even fillings because they know I will treat them right.

3. Other Specialized Services are Available

I do want you also to know that in addition to dental implants I also specialize in other areas of Dentistry. I offer almost every type of dental procedure that patients need in my office. Most of your dental needs are ones I treat, and include the following:

• Gum Therapy – This includes using dental lasers, plastic surgery for your gums to make them look right, regenerative surgery using bone grafts to rebuild missing bone and gums, and specialized antibiotics to treat resistant gum disease. All these methods are making huge strides in dentistry.

• Advanced 3-Dimensional CAT Scan X-Rays – These are definitely one of the advancements of modern dentistry. The ability to see your teeth in three dimensions is a way of insuring that nothing is missed.

• Wisdom Teeth Removal & Extractions – Impacted teeth cause a lot of pain and can get infected.

“I absolutely cannot express how awesome my dental visit was! The office staff was AMAZING! Dr. Vadivel was so patient and explained everything to me in full-detail! My extraction was done before I knew it! I couldn't believe it! I will forever be a patient to Dr. Vadivel and will refer all my family and friends!! Very affordable!! GET THERE FAST!!! “ – India S.

• Bone Grafting – In cases of bone loss, usually from periodontal disease, adding small pieces of bone stimulates the rest of the bone to remodel itself. As a result, the bone is built up.

• Cosmetic Dentistry – Teeth whitening, correcting crowding or alignment problems, applying veneers or crowns to craft a more uniform-looking, bright smile. Achieving your best possible smile.

• Same Day Dentures for Missing Teeth Replacement

• Emergency Dental Treatment

“Same day emergency service folks. Great experience and healed up quickly.” – Alicia Franz-Wann

• Laser Gum Treatment – Laser gum treatment gives results that are similar, if not better than root planing and scaling according to medical studies. It’s used to treat periodontal disease (gum disease).

• Oral Cancer Screening – Your medical doctor generally won’t check your mouth for mysterious sores, spots, lumps or bumps that could be cancer. Finding cancer early on is much better than finding it in the later stages. We screen for oral cancer.

• Sedation Dentistry – Fear and anxiety about dental procedures is understandable when you have had a history of pain experienced in the dental chair. However, dentistry has advanced light years and knows now how NOT to cause pain. If you fit in this category, we have different levels of sedation we can choose from, ranging from minimal sedation where you are relaxed and conscious to IV sedation.

“I had a major surgery done here and was a little scared at first. Dr. Vadivel and his nurses made sure I was comfy and ready. I had no issues with the surgery and almost no pain after. I've already handed out his card to multiple people and would recommend him to anyone. My surgery went great and in no time I'm gonna have my smile back. Thank you, Dr. Vadivel and all your nurses.” – John T.

• All-on-Four Dental Implants – This has been explained in this special report. You don’t always need bone grafting with dental implants. With this technique, you won’t. The benefits of these are decreased cost, same day teeth, ease of maintenance, drastically improved aesthetics, potential for eating steak and other difficult foods after the procedure, and great clinical results.

• Pin Hole Surgery – This type of surgical treatment for the reconstruction of gums is done without scalpels, stitches and grafting. You have less discomfort during the procedure, and can expect faster healing time.

Are You in Self Denial About Your Teeth?

Many people think they can trick others into believing they aren’t missing a tooth. They can smile a certain way and the missing teeth won’t show or only face someone in a certain direction.

This type of behavior gets old – and it really doesn’t work. You can’t guard your behavior 100% of the time! Meanwhile, other damaging things are occurring to your health!

Why not make the decision today to get implants?

Why Choose Dr. V at Implants and Gumcare?

Our dental office at Implants and Gumcare is different from many other dental offices. First, we use the latest and most advanced dental equipment and procedures to serve you better. With all these new techniques, we can be sure we are offering the best dental care you will receive

Secondly, we offer Free CAT Scan and Free Consultation Exams. Thirdly, we have two convenient locations and won’t make you wait days or weeks for dental emergencies.

Fourth, my experience and training in dental implants allows me to give professional services in this area that exceed the minimal criteria and service others may be offering.

You will find my staff quickly assists you in your needs, questions and concerns in a compassionate, caring manner.

And lastly, we will never give up on you! Our goal is for you to regain the most beautiful smile you can have – and keep it forever!

“The staff is awesome, everyone from the receptionist to the doctor. They make you really feel welcome and address all your issues and concerns. They offer advice on your best course of action and payment plans that work best for you. Great location and the place is absolutely spot less. Lydia is the dental assistant and a real sweetheart. If you have any type of surgical procedure done Dr. V calls you personally the next day to check on you... I would recommend this place to anyone.” – Dennis E., Dallas

Q: How long does it take for me to complete the dental implant?

A: Depending on the type of implants you need, the process may take as long as 3 months to complete the whole process and to restore your beautiful smile.

Q: Is the implant a painful process?

A: No, since the process is done under anesthesia. What is painful is all the changes that result if you do not take care of the original problem.

Q: What do I eat after a dental implant?

A: Prior to the procedure, our staff will give you detailed advice on the best diet to eat after your appointment.

Q: Can someone be too young or too old to get an implant?

A: No. We’ve offered implants to people in their 90s, and the procedures went well and they still brag about it to others! They love their new smile!

Q: How long is the appointment for planting an implant?

A: It takes up to 30-45 minutes for one implant.

Q: How much does an implant cost?

A: The cost is determined by the number of implants needed. This is determined during your FREE consultation and FREE 3D CAT Scan. Always consider the costs of not getting the procedure done, as the health risks and future dental risks are high.