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Our Goal

Thank you for visiting our web site. It’s our goal to create a lasting relationship with our referring doctors for the benefit of our mutual patients. Because each patient we serve is a reflection on the referring dentist, we take very seriously the commitment of our partners and patients. Patients referred to our office can expect to be seen quickly, to enjoy a comfortable environment, to enjoy personalized attention, and experience on-time scheduling.

Our commitment to your partnership

Dr. Vadivel says “I enjoy and relish every moment of partnering with general dentists in our community – I try to exceed their expectations in delivering the gold standard of implant, periodontal, and oral surgical care that their patients deserve. My practice and my team are committed to this partnership by treating their patients to best of our ability every single time while we provide outstanding patient satisfaction and excellent customer service.” It is our blessing to have appreciative referring dentists and doctors who truly believe the quality care their patient receive from our office. We look forward to serving your patients for many years to come.

Our pledge to refer the patient back for restorative care

Referring doctors mean the world to us. After the completion of the active phase of dental implant, periodontal, or other oral surgical treatment, your patients will be immediately referred back to you for completion of their restorative care or routine dental care. We always refer the patients back to their family dentists. We are very keen in insisting coordinated care of all dental patients between our office and their family dentist’s office.

Our pledge to keep you informed about your patient’s treatment plan and progress

We are committed to keeping you informed of your patient’s progress, beginning with a letter outlining the results of the initial examination, and the proposed treatment plan. The letters will continue as the treatment progresses for your patient. We understand that many dentists can feel apprehensive about “losing” their patients to the periodontist for treatment, only to have them “reappear” unexpectedly for further restorative care. Have the peace of mind with us and your patient will always reappear at your office for periodontal maintenance, routine dental care, or restorative care. We promise you won’t lose a patient on us.

Our pledge to be a valued member of your team

We are delighted to consult with you on any aspect of implant, periodontal, or oral surgical treatment plan. In fact, we would expect nothing less than to work in concert with you and your team members in order to help your patient realize their treatment goals and outcome.

Our pledge to be an extension of your office

We are delighted to be an extension of your office to provide the specialize care that your patient needs. Please let us know of the treatment goals and outcome for your patient and we will cater to your specific need make sure that we exceed your expectations in achieving your goal so that your patients are winners.

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Exceeding your Expectations

This is what we do every day. It is our culture, and the standard by which we judge success. Count on us to exceed your expectations. That is our promise.


our success is our success. At Implants & Gumcare, we have the tools, the talent, and the expertise you need to succeed. Count on us for resourceful, innovative, and affordable treatment plan delivered on time and long-lasting.

Thank you for your referrals and support. We appreciate the confidence you place in us and the privilege of treating your patients

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