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How Should I Care for My Tongue?

Board certified Periodontist Dr Vadivel DDS FDS RCS MS, Implants and Gumcare , Dallas, says Tongue cleaning is a commonly missed oral routine . Cleaning & caring for tongue is as important as cleaning and caring for Teeth and Gums. Use tongue scrapper or your tooth brush to regularly clean your tongue.

A flap of gum growing at the back of my molars- How do i get rid of it?

The most likely reason can be wisdom teeth growth . Check out what Dr Vadivel says on this. Implants and Gumcare , DFW has an enviable patient base and serves the following cities Carrollton , Grapevine, Lewisville, Coppell, Plano, The Colony, McKinney, Flower Mound, Richardson, Garland, Irving, Arlington, Frisco, Allen, Murphy, Addison, Grand Prairie Call 469-470-2546 for a free consultation .

I have a broken wisdom tooth below the gumline - Am i at risk?

Board certified Periodontist and Oral surgeon Dr Vadivel DDS FDS RCS MS , CEO Implants and Gumcare dental clinic , Dallas talks about the risk of having a broken tooth below gumline. Cavity, tooth pain , swelling , bad breath , Pus pocket and the list is endless

My Wisdom teeth extraction has a chance of causing Nerve damage.What should i do?

Go for extraction and suffer nerve damage or live with Wisdom tooth pain and other related oral complexities? A Catch 22 situation . Check out what Dr. Vadivel suggests. But Do you know that as you age, the chance of nerve damage also increases? For people in DFW cities Carrollton , Grapevine, Lewisville, Coppell, Plano, The Colony, McKinney, Flower Mound, Richardson, Garland, Irving, Arlington, Frisco, Allen, Murphy, Addison, Grand Prairie who want to have tooth extracts, Check out Implants and Gumcare office 469-470-2546 - Board certified Periodontist , Dr. Vadivel offers safe and secure wisdom tooth extraction at affordable prices. FREE IV Sedation Dentistry medication too if you are planning to remove all four wisdom teeth on the same day at Implants & Gumcare

Can regular usage of Waterpik cure my gum disease?

Implants and Gumcare Dental clinic Founder - CEO Vadivel T Kumar, DDS FDS RCS MS a board certified periodontist answers on advantages of waterpik. Post your dental questions on our monthly FB chat show AskDrV -Truth with teeth #Myteeth

What is a periodontist- Dental Tips by Dr Vadivel, Periodontist

What is a periodontist? A periodontist is a dental specialist who is also known as a gum specialist. They specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal gum disease, and in teeth replacement using dental implants. Periodontists, or Periodontal specialists, are also skilled experts in saving teeth by treating many of the oral and dental diseases including inflammation. As Periodontists, they receive extensive specialty training in the areas of `dental implants and gum disease treatment that includes an additional three years of education beyond dental school. These gum specialists are familiar with the latest innovations in diagnosing and treating periodontal gum disease and are well trained in performing cosmetic periodontal and dental implant procedures. Due to their extensive training, they can recognize and treat the early stages of gum inflammation before it gets out of hand; perform minor oral surgery to resolve complicated cases of gum disease, and use lasers or gum grafting techniques to restore the appearance of a smile. Periodontists often treat complex and more problematic periodontal conditions in patients with severe gum disease, or on those with a complex medical history. Periodontists help patients by treating severe gum disease using gum surgical procedures, osseous surgery, regenerative gum surgery, and so on. In addition, periodontists are specially trained in dental reconstruction using placement, maintenance, and repair of dental implants.

What is a Sinus Lift? by Dr Kumar T. Vadivel, Implants & Gumcare, DFW, TX

During a sinus lift, a person’s upper jaw bone is prepared for a dental implant by using bone grafts to make the bone stronger. This makes the upper jawbone very sturdy and creates a space between the sinus and upper jawbone where the titanium post of the implant will be installed.

How Can Dental Extractions Cause Nerve Damage? - by Periodontist Dr Vadivel, DDS, Dallas

How the removal of a wisdom tooth could cause nerve pain. The good news is that it is rather rare, but it does happen. Your lower wisdom teeth are located near a nerve called the lingual nerve. It passes near the rear teeth and provides sensory information to your brain for your tongue, lower lip, and your chin. It also sends taste messages. As wisdom teeth grow, their roots become longer. This can place their roots very close to the nerve, making it difficult for the dentist to remove the tooth without also damaging the nerve. On occasion, a dentist will injure the nerve by putting the anesthetic needle through it, place pressure on it when moving the gums aside, or when removing jaw bone to get the tooth out easier. Dental tools may also nick the nerve, or there may be bleeding that places pressure on it. It is also possible to severe the nerve. When damage to the nerve occurs, the patient is going to experience a change. Their taste may change, they may have difficulty eating or drinking, and even their speech may suddenly become difficult. They will often experience a lot of pain. Fortunately, nerve pain usually goes away after eight weeks. If it persists after six months, it is likely permanent. Four types of treatment are available to help. Don't forget, though, that this kind of incident is rather rare.

Crowns After Root Canals? by Dr Kumar T. Vadivel, Implants & Gumcare, DFW, TX

Crowns After Root Canals? by Dr Kumar T. Vadivel, Implants & Gumcare, DFW, TX