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Laser Gum Surgery is an advanced laser treatment technique suggested and performed by Certified Dentists to their patients suffering from periodontal diseases patients undergoing gum disease treatments. Dr.Kumar Vadivel, the Board Certified Dentist in Grapevine, TX is trusted by the people in this locality including the neighborhood for all their and oral and dental problems and treatments. At his practice, Implants & Gumcare, Dr. Vadivel offers a FREE Consultation and a FREE 3D CAT Scan to all his new patients who come in for an oral and dental check-up. Book an appointment today to experience the best laser gum treatment in Grapevine, TX.

Laser Gum Surgery Grapevine, TX

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Laser Gum Treatment Q & A

by Kumar T. Vadivel, DDS, FDS RCS, MS

Laser are repeatedly employed to treat periodontal, or gum disease. Laser gum surgery has shown to help patients get results similar to, if not better than, root planing and scaling in many medical studies. Laser gum surgery can assist to treat severe periodontal disease. Gum disease is the result of accumulated bacteria which has built up under hardened tartar. The bacteria attack the soft tissues and eventually the bone when not treated. To treat the condition, the surgeon will remove the inflamed gum tissue and clean away any bacteria from the exposed tooth. Any rough spots on the tooth will be smoothed as well in order to prevent another infection.

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