Gum Graft Surgery, Grapevine, TX

Gum Graft Surgery, is a kind of surgery done by a Board Certified Periodontist in Grapevine, TX. Usually, this advanced surgical treatment is preferred for patients suffering from the excessive gingival recession. Dr. Vadivel at his dental office at Grapevine, TX, Implants and Gumcare provides the best in class Gum Grafting experience to his patients in and around Grapevine, TX. Kindly, check in with their dental clinic to avail a FREE Consultation and a FREE 3D CAT Scan if you are a new patient with Implants and Gumcare.

Gum Graft Surgery Grapevine, TX


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Gum Grafting Q & A

by Kumar T. Vadivel, DDS, FDS RCS, MS

Periodontal, or gum disease is essentially caused by bacteria. Bacteria accumulates along with mucus and other elements, causing the production of plaque. Regular dental hygiene habits can stop plaque from building up. However, if plaque is not cleaned off because of a poor brushing habits it can harden into tartar. This hardened tartar doesn’t come off easily. It will also trap bacteria underneath it, irritating the gums. This makes them swell and look red. Gingivitis will develop and if enough time passes without treatment, periodontitis will develop. Periodontitis is a severe form of gum disease. When this occurs the gums recede and pull away from teeth. This creates pockets between the gums and teeth which can become infected. When bacteria that reaches into the pockets extends to the tooth root it can destroy the bone and connective tissues which hold the tooth in place.

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Implants & Gumcare is dedicated to treat every patient equally and provide comprehensive oral care services at fair, affordable, and competitive pricing. We strive to give you the best cost estimates for the dental services we provide at our office along with a variety of payment options, insurance benefits, special offers and discounts. Similar to asking a car garage to diagnose a noise over the phone that is coming from under the hood of your car, your dental condition cannot be diagnosed over the phone to provide you a best estimate. A thorough examination along with an X-ray is needed for every oral health problem to diagnose a condition to come up with the cost for the best treatment that fits your budget. We understand the cost for a Consultation and the X-rays alone can run several hundred dollars. But at Implants & Gumcare we help our patients everyday by offering a FREE Consultation and FREE 3D CAT Scan. So, why do you have to wait?

Book a free consultation online at www.ImplantsGumcare.com or Give us a call at 214-731-0123. We are here to help. We have two locations to serve you at Carrollton, TX and Grapevine, TX, to discuss your concerns and to provide all the possible solutions that fits your budget leading to your better oral and overall health.

What to expect at your first visit


A Free Initial consultation (worth $200) and a thorough oral examination by Board certified periodontist Dr. Kumar Vadivel. A free 3D CAT scan(if applicable worth $700) is also provided. There is no Hidden charges for the consultation and scan.


The complete Dental procedure details, insurance coverage, and treatment plan will be detailed to the patient. All the expenses to be incurred for the overall treatment will be provided beforehand to help the patient take an informed decision. In case of insurance, I&G will provide the elaborate dental walk out statement. If agreed on all terms and conditions, Doctor will help you set up an appointment for your procedure. The treatment cost for Gum Graft Surgery starts at $899 . It varies depending on the severity of the condition, the identified treatment procedure, and add-ons if needed.


With the utmost professionalism and care, Dr. Kumar Vadivel can bring transformative improvements to the health and appearance of your teeth, mouth, and gums, whether tooth extractions, dentures, implants, or oral surgery. Get your winning smile back !!

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