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Dental Implants Treatment can be tedious and time-consuming to create an everlasting smile on your face. But, Dr. Vadivel an experienced dental implants specialist provides the best possible treatment according to your current oral and dental status which will be the right choice to replace lost teeth, fix damaged teeth, and stabilize those which are loose or any other complicated issues that you have in your mouth. Patients prefer Dr. Vadivel for his advanced treatments for dental implants in Grapevine, TX and the nearby cities and counties. In fact, this implant dentist offers a Free Consultation for his New Patients which would last for almost an hour or two to complete. After the successful completion of your oral and dental examination, your local dental implant expert Doctor V will provide you an estimation of the dental implants cost and will discuss your availability to fix you an appointment with him to initiate the for placing dental implants.

Dental Implants Grapevine, TX

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Co-Pay Only Collection.

Dental Implants Q & A

by Kumar T. Vadivel, DDS, FDS RCS, MS

Securing bridges, anchoring dentures and overdentures, and most frequently, replacing lost teeth is done using dental implants. These implants are unique because instead of placing a prosthetic tooth over the healed gum, the implant is installed into the jawbone. This stimulates the tissues and helps to prevent bone loss and facial sagging. The implants are made of titanium, an exceptionally biocompatible metal which makes it costlier. The implant post is inserted into the patient’s jawbone at the location of the missing tooth and a crown is secured to the top. The crown will most likely be made from porcelain or ceramic and can be color-matched to the surrounding teeth. It is always advisable to visit a skilled dental implant expert near you for a thorough discussion on which kind of dental implants will suit you better according to your oral condition and budget as the dental implants cost are quite high compared to other oral and dental treatments done frequently.

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