FREE Consultation & 3D CAT Scan Visit :

Face Time for Your Mouth :

  • The face time for your mouth is FREE.
  • We use the most efficient and precise technology available.
  • This oral examination consultation takes an hour and a half and we take a FREE 3D CAT scan during your first visit.

Things you will see in your report:

  • Comprehensive Assessment of your Oral Health.
  • Evaluation of your risks factors for oral cancer, gum disease, tooth cavities, bite issues, and wisdom teeth problems.
  • Assessment of your need for tooth replacement, gum disease treatment, treatment of teeth cavities, correction of your bite, wisdom teeth extraction, and dental implants.
  • Solutions for missing teeth, root canal infection and tooth abscess.
  • Finally, we will discuss various treatment options depending on your clinical condition.

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Free Consultation and 3D CAT Scan

After the initial consultation, we will discuss the cost of treatment that including affordable payment plans or 0% financing. If you have dental or medical insurance, we will help you maximize your benefits.


Free Consultation ($200 Value)
Free 3D CAT Scan ($700 Value)

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