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First visit to our Implants & Gumcare usually is your FREE first initial Consultation visit. It is our goal to make Implants & Gumcare as your one-stop surgical solution for all your dental implant placement procedures, gum disease treatment, wisdom teeth removal surgery and other oral surgery needs. We welcome new patients! No referral is necessary to visit our specialists, although we are a specialty dental care and periodontal office.

Your first initial visit will include a FREE Consultation appointment and a FREE 3D CAT Scan (CAT Scan performed FREE if needed for your condition). For timely and appropriate care, we request patients under 18 to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the initial appointment. To deliver you with excellent care, please assist us at the time of your first visit to our office by providing the following information.

Registration Forms

Click here to download the patient registration forms by. Fill these forms out and bring them with you during your consultation. If you take medications for any reasons on a regular basis, please don’t forget to bring a list of medications with you.

Insurance Card

If you have dental insurance, please bring the insurance card(s) with you to your first appointment. At times, depending on your oral health condition and history medical insurance information may also be requested and don’t forget bring your medical insurance information also with you.

Referral Information

No referral is needed for you to visit to our office. However, if you have any referral information regarding the reason you are being referred to our office, please do not forget to bring it with you. Most often this information would already have been faxed to us by your family dentist, if you are being referred by your family dentist. If that is the case do not worry about bringing any referral information with you. If you are being self referred or referred by friends or family, do not worry about this information and we will take care of this for you during your first FREE visit.

Note :

Please notify our office prior to your first visit if you have a medical condition (e.g. artificial heart valves or joints, heart murmurs requiring pre-medication) that requires you to take pre-medication antibiotics so that our office can prescribe you those antibiotics to avoid delays and inconvenience during your first visit.


Free Consultation ($200 Value)
Free 3D CAT Scan ($700 Value)

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