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Most popular and frequently asked questions:


Will it hurt?

No. The initial exam/consultation can be completed with no discomfort at all. However, if you are going to have procedures performed on the same day, our office will go over the procedural and recovery process with you during your visit with us.

What will initial visit cost?

Nothing! Yes, your initial consultation is FREE and CAT Scans taken are also absolutely FREE. We won’t file this Consultation and CAT Scan to your insurance just to allow maximizing the benefits for the treatment needed to maintain your oral health. Since all patients are different, our Dallas/Fort Worth Peridontists must complete your examination before establishing your treatment plan and the cost of care. The dental implant treatment cost, wisdom teeth removal treatment cost. All-on-4 dental implants treatment cost, gum (periodontal) disease treatment cost, laser gum surgery treatment cost can vary considerably depending on the type of problems and the complexity and length of treatment. An approximate cost can usually be determined at the initial visit, and in addition our office will calculate the insurance savings if any to help you understand your financial obligations prior to you scheduling for your treatment.

Our philosophy of practice is to help you attain an outcome you desire while we present you with the best treatment options for your case. While we would like for you to attain the gold standard of dental implant, periodontal, or oral surgical care, we will let you decide what works best for you.

How long does it take?

It normally takes an hour and a half to two hours or so. Your initial FREE Consultation / FREE 3D CAT Scan visit may take anywhere between one and a half to two hours depending on the nature of your dental implant treatment, wisdom teeth removal treatment, All-on-4 dental implants treatment, gum (periodontal) disease treatment, laser gum surgery treatment needs. Please feel free to browse through our website to find patient education information so that we can try and minimize your time of your initial consultation.

Implants & Gumcare aims to provide a one-stop surgical solution by having the means necessary for a variety of dental implant and laser gum surgery services you need to restore and maintain your oral health.

What is one out of 4 wisdom tooth?

If you have 4 wisdom teeth and only one of them have to be removed.  This is called as 1 out of 4 wisdom tooth.  At Implants Gumcare 1 out of 4 wisdom teeth can be removed.

Can all the 4 wisdom teeth pulled in same day?

Yes.  All 4 wisdom teeth or if you have extra teeth in addition to all 4 wisdom teeth.  They all can be pulled or extracted on the same day.

Why it takes long time to heal when all four wisdom teeth removed?

f you have one wisdom tooth removed, it may have a shorter period of healing.  If you have 4 wisdom teeth removed, it may take little bit longer to heal.  The recovery is not going to take so much longer just because you have 4 wisdom teeth removed.  For example, if you have one wisdom tooth removed, it may take a day or so to heal.  If you have all-4 wisdom teeth removed, it may take only a couple of days or 3 days to heal.

Why wisdom tooth extraction hurt after 2 days?

There is a condition called dry socket, it is a type of inflammation or infection at the wisdom tooth site after the extraction.  That is one of the reasons why the wisdom tooth hurt after 2 days.  So it is a condition called dry socket.

Can extraction of a tooth #9 and implant can be done the same day?

Yes.  It is called Same Day implant or immediate implant.  For example, a tooth #9 can be extracted and an implant can be done on the same day.  The advantage of removing a tooth and putting an implant on the same day is a shorter healing period.


For example, if you remove the tooth and let that heal with no implant, it may take about 3 to 4 months for the bone to heal and you put an implant and it may take another 3 to 4 months period, being about 6 to 7 months.  If you remove a tooth and put an implant on the same day, the healing period can be shortened as low as about 3 months.

Is same day denture done at Implants & Gumcare?

Yes.  It is either all-on-4 or Same Day implant or immediate implant.  It can be either done for a single tooth or can be done for a denture and it is done at Implants Gumcare.

What is a same day denture?

For example, if a patient has multiple teeth.  Let’s assume a complete set of top teeth and a complete set of bottom teeth and they need to have all of their teeth to be removed.  After that, we can pre-measure the teeth and take a mold of their teeth before that being extracted.

On the day of the procedure, we remove all the top teeth or remove all the bottom teeth and we insert the pre made dentures on the same day.  So this procedure is called same day dentures.

What are different types of dentures using implants?

The different types of dentures are snap-on teeth.  For example, the teeth are dentures that snap on to the implant and they can be on all-on-4 or they could be dental bridges using dental implants.

Three different types

  1. Snap on teeth
  2. All -on -4
  3. Dental bridges on dental implants  

Why is it important to have a postoperative follow up after implant surgery?

It is very important that you have to follow through to make sure it is healing around the implant or the bone is healing around the implant.  If the bone does not heal around the implant, the implant can become loose.  So that is why it is important to have a postoperative follow up with the dentist or periodontist for a regular maintenance at clinics.  Otherwise they can still get a gum infection and the implants could fail.  

What do you have to do if you have infection around an implant?

If you have an infection around the implant, and if you left untreated, the infection is just going to kill the implant and make the implant fail.  So as soon as you realise that you may have some infection around the implant, you need to see a periodontist.  If the infection is early, the infection can be treated using antibiotics or sometimes you may need a cleaning around the implant or sometimes you need a laser treatment around the implant to treat these types of infection around the implant.  

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