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Gum (Destruction) Loss and Bone Loss can be worrisome! Correcting gum recession and bone loss are accomplished with the use of gum grafting. Bone loss and gum recession are two unfortunate results of gum disease, which can be corrected by our periodontal team. Gum grafts are performed to improve not only the look of your receding gum line (commonly called as gum recession or gingival recession) but also the health of your gums and bone as well, because gum recession allows bacteria greater access to the tooth, exposing more of the tooth structure while shrinking the barrier created by a healthy gum line. Implants & Gumcare offers several type of gum grating procedures like pedicle graft, free-gingival graft, and connective-tissue graft to restore and correct the youthful appearance and protective function of your periodontal gum tissue.

Gum Destruction and Bone Loss

  • Gum destruction is generally the result gum disease. The deterioration of gum begins when you suffer from gum recession and gum grafting can help correct this condition.
  • Receding gums are unsightly and painful.
  • Bone loss around the teeth is generally the result gum disease. The deterioration of bone begins when you suffer from gum disease and gum disease treatment can help you correct this condition
  • Bone loss occurs where gum recession is present.Gum destruction once determined, surgical and non surgical procedures can be performed to halt the progress of the recession, and prevent it from occurring in the future. Gum recession is usually an unusual condition that cannot be self corrected using additional brushing and flossing and in fact it may make things worse, not better. Ask our Board Certified Periodontist how we can help you correct gum recession and the associated bone loss using painless Allograft techniques and predictable connective tissue grafting techniques. There are multiple ways to perform gum tissue grafts and our periodontists will recommend the best treatment option for you depending on your specific gum recession and bone loss condition.

Make your gums and teeth recession proof?

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