Dental Drills

Risk to Your Teeth & Gums from This Dental Jewelry

Dental grills are rapidly becoming a hot item among many people – particularly the young. Some celebrities have been wearing them and this has made many people jump on the bandwagon. What many wearers of the grillz do not realize is that there are some dental problems that could develop as a result of wearing them.

About Grillz

Grillz are also called fronts, and they are designed to provide a unique and often dazzling appearance to the mouth and teeth. They have been around since the 1980's, but have really taken off in popularity in recent years.

Grills can be made of precious metals such as gold or platinum and may have various types of jewels in them. Cheaper ones are also available and they are made of lesser quality metals. Most of them are removable, but some people make their teeth like permanent grills. They also come in a wide range of prices ranging from very cheap to the most expensive ever made so far at $30,000.

Potential Problems with Grillz Teeth

The more expensive grills are made of better metals and are less likely to cause problems. The more inexpensive versions can be made of many types of metals and may cause allergic reactions. Some manufacturers of grills may also use metals that are not safe to have in your mouth, and this could lead to blood poisoning.

Hard to Keep Teeth Clean

If you decide to get permanent grillz, such as gold grillz or bottom grillz, this will make it much harder to keep your teeth clean. Being able to remove the food particles between your teeth is important to your oral health.

There are more than 500 kinds of bacteria in your mouth. Some of it produces acid when it consumes sugar. Leaving food particles between your teeth means that the acid is in direct contact with the enamel and it will lead to cavities.

Gum Disease

It can also lead to gum disease. The acid and bacteria cause an irritation of the gums if you do not carefully brush twice a day and floss. In response to the irritation, your immune system reacts, and the gums become inflamed. The inflammation spreads over time and can destroy your gums, the support structures for your teeth, and even some of your jawbone.

Bad Breath

As the bacteria multiply, it can also cause bad breath. This is because the bacteria also produce a sulfur compound. If you use a mint or other candy to sweeten your breath, the sugar in it will only produce more bacteria.

Wear Down the Teeth Next to It

Because a grill is made of metal, it is much harder than your neighboring teeth. This can lead to a wearing down of the teeth that come in contact with the grill.

Tips for Reduced Problems with Grillz

Wearing a grill for too many hours enables the bacteria to build on your teeth. You should only wear it for short periods of time and always put them on your teeth after you are sure the grill and your teeth are clean. Having the grill in your mouth for long periods of time could also irritate your gums.

  • Take the grillz out of your mouth before you eat. This will prevent food and bacteria from being trapped in the crevices of the grille.

  • Clean your grillz each time you wear it. Clean it carefully and be sure not to use any jewelry cleaner that may be toxic.

  • Buy real gold grillz to be safe. Very few people are allergic to gold. Less expensive grills may contain nickel or other metals that can cause an allergic reaction. After you buy the grill, be sure to only wear it briefly to test and see if there is a reaction. If a reaction occurs, it could lead to oversized puffy gums.  

  • Do not permanently attach grillz or gems to your teeth yourself – let the professionals do it. This is not a good idea. It will enable food to be trapped between the grill and your teeth.

  • Get a dentist to make an impression of your mouth. Getting a proper fit is important because it will do less damage to your teeth and gums.

No Previous Studies

At the present time, the American Dental Association reveals that there are no studies that have been made yet to determine the safety of a mouth grill. It is also not known what the effects are for wearing them long term.

Getting a proper fit for a dental grill is important. Grillz do less damage to your teeth when they are customized for your teeth. You can get a custom imprint of your teeth and dental checks on your teeth if you already wear grills from Dr. Kumar T. Vadivel, DDS, FDS RCS, MS, a Board Certified Periodontist. He has offices in the Carrollton, TX and Grapevine, TX areas, and he can provide treatment when needed, as well as help you to keep your smile looking good. For a consultation, you can contact his office today at (817) 756-8578.