Tooth Ache Pain

Tooth Ache Pain Toothache

Pain and Agony is the Worst…

Toothache pain and tooth agony is the worst and relieving tooth pain quickly becomes a priority when you experience the constant throbbing of a toothache. The majority of people are unable to concentrate when tooth pain radiates into the jaw, ear, or head. 

They find it impossible to eat solid foods due to the pressure of chewing, and feel ill or feverish from the resultant infection of the gum tissue. If your toothache creates symptoms of fever, headache, or swelling of the face and gums, visit our office as soon as possible. Constant tooth pain and pain that occurs only upon contact with other teeth warrant immediate attention as well.

Suffering from toothache and want immediate pain relief for tooth agony? No problem! Our professionals are here to help. Call our Periodontal – Dental Specialists at Implants & Gumcare (Dr. Kumar T. Vadivel, DDS, FDS RCS, MS and Team of other doctors) practicing in our offices specializing in such dental implants, gum surgery and oral surgery procedures have multiple locations throughout Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, TX to have a FREE evaluation!

Treatments to Relieve Tooth Pain

  • Fillings: If you have a great deal of decay causing the tooth pain, the decay will be removed and a filling bonded to the remaining tooth structure.
  • Crowns: When there is little remaining tooth structure due to the severity of the decay, or a fracture of the tooth, a crown will be placed to restore its appearance and function.
  • Root Canals: If the nerve of the tooth has become infected, a root canal will be necessary to relieve the tooth pain. In this case, a crown will also be placed.
  • Extraction: Removal of your tooth is possible but only when all other options have been exhausted or when there is severe infection or an abscess.
  • Infection: In the case of infection, our periodontists may prescribe an antibiotic. It is important to address infection immediately because the bacteria can enter the bloodstream via the gums and circulate throughout your body, infecting other healthy organs.

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