“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

There are some things that require repetition such as bathing and brushing your teeth. The desired results are being clean and having clean and fresh breath. The life of Zig Ziglar demonstrates the various things he did repeatedly to be successful and effective. In doing so, he effected change in the lives of countless individuals.

In much the same way we need to have habits which are repetitive acts to not just keep our teeth clean but also to maintain beautiful smiles and have fresh breath. Here are a few habits of a few celebrities to achieve this goal,

Don’t give up  Hilary Hinton Ziglar or Zig as he was affectionately called had after succeeding in his sales career wrote a book entitled See You At the Top. Eager to share it with the world, he approached publisher after publisher and would not give up because he knew that his book was a bestseller. After being refused 39 times, Pelican, a small publishing house publishes the book which had record sales of 250 000 books. That book is in print today.

You may slip up once or twice as it pertains to brushing your teeth as you should – but if you are determined enough, you can make this a habit. 64 million persons in the US alone suffer from periodontitis – most of this is due to not having proper oral hygiene.

Do what is necessary to put forward your best 
Zig was big on personal development . Even after achieving certain things – to maintain the success, it is best to spend time developing personal skills. In much the same way we go the extra mile as it pertains to our teeth.We have mastered the habit of brushing regularly, ensure that you visit your periodontist bi-annually. Where you observe that there is an issue with any of your teeth, make an appointment at the earliest possible time to have it rectified.

Family is important Zig as a devout Christian did not hide how important it was to have his families’ support. Similarly, our oral health is not only personal but also family business.

The thing about life is that it is unpredictable. Due to environmental circumstance or simply genetics, we may have diseases which affect the health of our teeth. Certainly, some medications contribute to dry mouth which leads to dental caries and bad breath. , we must take the bull by the horns and address these symptoms as they arise.

Refrain from habits that will prevent us from having healthy teeth and gums. This includes smoking, drinking alcohol ,sugary drinks which deteriorates the teeth by the buildup of tartar. Healthy diet and healthy habits keeps all doctors away.

One final habit of effective persons is to have a dream and follow it. We ought to follow our own desires to have beautiful smiles and work with our dentist to achieving that mission and goal.

There are other habits of effective persons that we can learn from and imitate so that we feel accomplished in our goals personally and not just for our general lives, but also for our oral health and care of our teeth. It does not matter what sphere we find ourselves in, the basics are still the same – brush twice daily, visit the dentist bi-annually and do what is necessary to beautify and protect our smiles.

Show me your teeth, and I will tell you who you are
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