Proposal tips for Men this Valentine's Day

The radio announcer has declared it and you see it everywhere you go – Valentine’s Day is approaching. All the stores are putting out their red and white paraphernalia with all the romantic notions for couples to participate in on that day. You think of your own loved one and your heart skips a beat. Suddenly it hits you-you cannot live without her! Or maybe you’ve been planning to pop the question but couldn’t find the perfect time or the perfect way to do it. Why not during Valentine’s season? After all, it is the season of love, right?

Here is a suggestion for you – pop the question at the A.W. Perry Homestead Museum? It could be done before, at or after the shin-ding that is happening that evening. It is A Victorian Valentine this Saturday, February 10 with dancing as the sun sets and a live band. This promises to be a truly romantic evening that could set the stage or be the stage for your big question at 1509 N. Perry Rd, Carrollton, TX.

Tips for your proposal:

1. Ask her Dad - It may be old fashioned – but it is a great time to let him know how you feel about his daughter. Understand that you are not asking for his permission but for his blessing. This discussion can also be a time of bonding for you both as the important men in her life.

2. Practice - Think of her and what is important to her. Don’t stick to the clichés but try to put into words how she makes you feel and practice in the mirror.

3. Propose at your special spot - Take her to that place where you first met her or kissed her and use that opportunity to discuss the journey of your relationship and how happy you are to have known her. Get on your knee, if you can, take out the ring and let her know that she would make you the happiest man alive if she would be your wife.

This would be a great thing to do before making your way to the A. W. Perry Homestead Museum, Carrollton, TX where you could spend the night dancing.

4. Capture the moment on camera - Hire a good photographer or ask a friend or family member to covertly hang around to take pictures of your proposal. This is a great keepsake of that turning point in your lives when you took commitment to another level.

5. Ensure you have that winning smile - Don’t let bad breath ruin your moment. Ensure that you brush twice a day leading up to that moment. You want to ensure that you are ready to kiss her passionately once she says yes. If you check your mouth and realize that you may need more than your toothbrush and toothpaste, why not stop by Implants & Gumcare and speak to Dr. Vadivel T Kumar DDS, FDS RCS, MS, a Board Certified Periodontist in Carrollton, TX. He will provide you with an excellent check up and make the necessary recommendations needed as you prepare for your special moment. He and his team are committed to improve and enhance your smile. If this is your first visit your consultation, as well as the 3D CAT Scan, is free of cost. Make your appointment today.

6. Invite your family and friends - Make your proposal extra special by having a few of both your close family and friends to share in this special moment. You will stand with pride and glee as she shows off how happy you’ve made her at that moment. You may even decide to go down to enjoy the Victorian Valentine at the A.W. Perry Homestead Museum located in the Carrollton, TX.

7. Plan for a night of dancing and while there ask the DJ to hand you the mic where you make your love for your girl public and not only that, ask her to marry you. After you kiss and hug, have the band play your special love song and rock her closely in your arms.

8. Go hi-tech by setting up a live stream channel. You may invite close friends and family to watch everything live when you propose.

9. Over candlelight dinner - You may hire a chef or do the cooking yourself and prepare her favorite dishes. Candle lights and soft music helps to set the mood and over a desert, stroke her hand and let her know how much she means to you. Get down on your knee and let her know that you would love the honor of her hand in marriage.

10.  At the Victorian Valentine Purchase your tickets to this event and let her know that you are taking her out for a romantic escapade and propose during one of the romantic songs.