Periodontal Gum Disease Treatment

CASE 1:  This 64-year-old female patient had been consulting her general dentist for 20 years prior to being referred to a periodontist for periodontal evaluation.  The referring dentist expected extraction of #26 and implant placement into the missing tooth area.

Clinical and radiographic examination that were performed at Implants & Gumcare revealed advanced periodontal (gum) disease (type IV).

Dr. Vadivel discussed the treatment options with the patient, and a nonsurgical removal of damaged tissue from the surrounding area was performed under local anaesthesia.  In addition, antibiotic medication was placed in the gum crevice of tooth #26.   A prescription of second generation antibiotic (ex: doxycycline 20 mg) was given to the patient to take x 2 per day for 90 days.


Eight weeks post periodontal treatment, the patient returned for reevaluation to assess tissue response. Periodontal maintenance and an additional application of antibiotic was placed again on the gum crevice of tooth #26. .


The patient is now able to keep her own tooth that once was thought to be questionable. She is maintaining a favourable clinical outcome with an overall improved dentition after the periodontal treatment.