Brush your Teeth

Younger people often do not realize that some older people no longer have real teeth simply because they did not take care of them like they should have when they were younger. Oftentimes, it really is a sowing and reaping principle. Learning to brush your teeth properly will help you to keep your teeth longer – and let you save a lot of money, too.


Why People Do Not Brush Teeth

There could be many excuses as to why you do not brush your teeth like you should. Most of them will not matter any when it is time for you to replace your teeth with dentures. Probably half the time you don’t brush is just because you choose not to make the time for it. It is a laziness you will regret.


The Proper Way to Brush Teeth

If you wonder how long you should brush your teeth, brushing your teeth really only needs to take about two minutes of your time, three times a day, the Academy of General Dentistry says. Most people do not actually brush teeth this long. You may actually think that you are brushing for two minutes, but if you used a timer, you are apt to be surprised.

For those who are not brushing teeth like they should, it would probably be a good idea to start saving money now towards getting dentures, or dental implants. Before you can get them, however, you will need to have your remaining teeth extracted.


Make Proper Tooth Brushing a Habit


That probably does not sound very appealing. The easier and cheaper way around it is to start learning now how to brush your teeth. Once learned, and practiced for about 40 days in a row, it will then become habit.

Taking some time every day for proper teeth cleaning is important. Not only will it enable you to keep your teeth longer, but it will also help you keep an attractive smile. People with stained teeth, yellow teeth, and missing teeth have lost their beautiful smile. When this happens, it may actually affect your ability to get a good job, especially if you plan on interacting with people.


How Often You Should Brush Teeth

A recent survey provided by Oral-B and the Academy of General Dentistry revealed that most employees do not brush their teeth while at work. It seemed rather unusual even though most people agree that the first thing they notice about other people is their smile. They observe whether it is beautiful or not. When people see you smile, what do they think?


Gum Disease

Another problem that may develop from a lack of proper teeth care is gum disease. There are two kinds. The first kind is gingivitis. It is the least severe. If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, chances are that you have this form of gum disease.

Gingivitis will often disappear if you take good care of your teeth. If not, you can develop periodontitis. This is the form of gum disease you want to avoid. In the more severe stages, it will start to destroy the connective tissue in your gums and jaw, and your teeth will become loose and eventually fall out.


Develop Proper Eating Habits


There are two substances in food that are likely to cause the greatest amount of damage to your teeth over a long period. The Mayo Clinic says that plaque will form on your teeth after you eat. There are many different types of bacteria in plaque. After you eat food with lots of sugar, the bacteria will produce an acid that will attack the enamel in your teeth. When this tartar is allowed to remain on your teeth – from not brushing, it causes greater damage.

To help protect your teeth better, it requires that you reduce the amount of sugar you consume daily. Two drinks that have a lot of sugar in them are soda and fruit juice. Not only do they have sugar, but both of them also contain acids. Combined with the sugar, it really can be destructive to your teeth if you drink a lot of it.


Get Regular Dental Visits

Having regular visits to the dentist will enable any early developments of cavities and other problems to be detected early. They can be treated and your teeth will be preserved. This is also a great step toward keeping your natural teeth as long as possible.


Help Your Children

If you have children, it is important to remember that they often learn by example. If teeth brushing is not important to you, you likely are not being careful to teach it to them, either. Be sure that they learn the correct way to brush teeth, and do it a minimum of two times a day – for two minutes each time.

 Dr. Kumar T. Vadivel, DDS, FDS RCS, MS, is a Board Certified Periodontist. In addition to general and cosmetic dentistry, he also helps patients with teeth cleaning and instruction in the proper way to brush teeth. If you live in the Carrollton, TX and Grapevine, TX areas, you can contact his office for information or an appointment at 214-731-0123.