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Have you ever taken the time to watch children? Watch them as they play, since and dance and you’ll realize that the innocence they have, and the wonder they exude as they explore the world around them is refreshing and reflective of the time that there was no care in the world, but for the here and now. And yet these little things help them to learn and to grow.

Children love to sing about anything and everything. A great way to get them excited about visiting the bathroom is to have them make up their own songs as to what is done in the bathroom – oral health being just as important as the general physical health. For instance, with the song below, know that in a short time the scamper of little feet will be heard towards the bathroom.

Brush, brush, brush your teeth

Brush then every day

We put toothpaste on our brush

To help stop tooth decay

(To the tune of row, row, row your boat)

Children are lots of fun and are very expressive. Consider the benefits of teaching them, and yes even singing with them, songs that engender the habit of brush twice daily. They would be far away from periodontal disease and lower the risk of developing dental problems. The other benefit for these happy children would be healthier children. Any problems that are observed in the children at this stage in their life warrants a visit to the Implants & Gumcare with Dr. Kumar T Vadivel, DDS, FDS RCS, MS, is a Board Certified Periodontal Surgeon. Patience and an understanding being the hallmark of service to these prized patients who are children.

Exposure to the arts is very important in a young person’s life. It teaches them about diversity in personalities and backgrounds. A great place to show them not only their potential but the talent in them would be the African American Read In taking place this Sunday at the Carrollton Public Library at Josey Ranch Lake. This is a program hosted by the Professional Achievers for Community Excellence (PACE) and is an ideal and refreshing change to live reading of poems, and storytelling. In addition to this, books will be given away and light refreshment provided.

Stories have for a long time been the means of teaching and passing on of traditions. In our high-tech world where gadgets seem to be the way of life – it is still no different today. Stories are still the way to go to highlight the importance of cultural and racial diversity. Tolerance and appreciation of differences is taught by all groups through the arts. Singing and music has also been a powerful means of relaying messages of feelings, telling stories and teaching valuable lessons.

The PACE which started between friends to serve the African American community provides annual scholarships to young women who have shown aptitude and resilience towards high achievement to study at leading tertiary institutions in Texas. The youth arm, the Pacettes Girl’s Clubs provides mentorship for girls 8 – 11, teaching and encouraging leadership, in community service while helping to foster Christian character, health and life skills.

This is just the contribution of one people group. Why not make your way to the Josey Ranch Lake Library on February 11 as they read stories and recite poems under the theme Exploring Cultures. This is open to persons of all ages and will be just an hour of you and your families’ time at 4 – 5 pm.

On the home front why not spend time with the children as they play and sing, teaching them the importance of brushing their teeth and having good oral health. Preschoolers love nursery rhymes and songs about brushing the teeth may be found on websites on the worldwide web, or you may make up rhymes of your own.

Take for instance,

Visiting the dentist is an easy thing to do

The dentist is a special friend who helps to take care of you…

This nursery rhyme helps to de-mystify the personhood of your local dentist. He or she now becomes a friend who looks out for the little ones and their teeth. Taking them to a place like Implants & Gumcare for their bi-annual teeth cleaning sets the stage for this care right throughout their lives – holding periodontal diseases at bay. At Implants & Gumcare in Carrollton and Grapevine, the first visit, consultation is free. Take advantage of this service especially if you notice that your child may have a dental concern or just run by for cleaning and get a clean bill of dental health.

Become a cultural explorer with your child. Explore different ways different cultures expressed themselves in poetry, the stories they told and in music. This is healthy for you as well as children. It has been said that singing and music boost the immune system due to the emotional experience it leads us to experience. This leads to the build up of immune boosting hormones and decrease the levels of cortisol, a stress related hormone.