Dental Implants Surgey by Chinese Robots

1271 marked the year Marco Polo came upon a unique nation. A country that was considered the most technologically advanced country of its time. There he found porcelain, various uses of iron and bronze. Today, the Chinese are no different as they continue with inventions that stun today’s world with their work in robotics in dentistry.


To combat the shortage of dentists, the Fourth Medical Military University in Xian, China, developed a robotic arm which had successfully implanted two teeth in a woman’s mouth. This was a one-hour operation monitored by two medical staff where the entire operation was done by a robot. Pre-surgery, the patient was retrofitted and the robot assessed the skull, jaw and the necessary information uploaded to complete the procedure. The margin of error which is the standard in the field was 0.2 – 0.3 mm.


More and more robotics is the means used to assist with other dental procedures such as root canals and other operations. This to help serve the more than 400 million people in China in need of specialized dental services, namely dental implants.


In Carrolton and Grapevine Texas, there is one such place that serves the community to address dental issues of this nature. This is so at the Implants & Gumcare with Dr. Vadivel T Kumar DDS, FDS RCS, MS, a Board-Certified Periodontist and his team. Training, skill, and experience come together, and patients are provided with the highest service to address dental implant needs as well as other dental offerings. Visit Implants & Gumcare by first making your appointment online or by calling 1-817-756-8578. On your first visit, you will not be charged for the consultation as this is free. And not only that, you will be provided with a free 3D CT Scan if needed.


In the US, Yomi, an artificially intelligent dental assistant has the Food and Drug Administration approval for use in dental clinics. Developed by the Florida based company Neocis, Yomi like its Chinese counterpart uses CT Scans to plan the route of the procedure being undertaken.


As the popularity of Yomi grows with its precision and use in guiding such dental operations as dental implants, we could be seeing Yomi in every major dental center such as Implants & Gumcare! If it does, be reassured that you will not lose the personal touch given by Dr. Vadivel T Kumar and his team.

Not to be ignored, however, robotics is expanding across various markets with the estimated value set to reach $20 billion by the year 2021 – Yomi being the only robotic system in surgery in the dental industry. The advantages provided by Yomi are highly beneficial to the surgical procedure:

  • Precision – using haptic robotics, the orientation, drill, and depth are precise
  • Management – the surgeon is always in complete control during the procedure
  • Dynamic – Though guidelines are provided, the dental surgeon may make changes as is needed
  • Clarity – the surgical site is visually clear with no obstructions

You have the opportunity to celebrate the Chinese culture and its contributions to US culture this weekend at the Chinese New Year Celebration being hosted at the Carrollton Public Library at Hebron & Josey located at 4220 N Josey Lane, Carrollton, Texas 75010. This under the running theme of Exploring Cultures. The Chinese New Year Celebration at the Carrollton Library will be led by the Carrollton Sun Ray Chinese School with a variety of activities and demonstrations.


The Chinese New Year, known as the Spring Festival in China today and is celebrated as one of the Lunar years. Each year is celebrated with an animal sign – 2018 being the Year of the Dog. Traditions in modern-day China include family gatherings, new clothes, firecrackers as well as bright and colorful decorations.


Examples of this will be showcased in the demonstrations at the Carrollton Library this Sunday; and includes but are not limited to displays in dance, martial arts, chines art and food. This promises to be an exciting event and is open to persons of all ages. You will get the chance to get involved in making your very own Chinese paraphernalia. This Sunday, let your evening be filled with learning more of this people group who have contributed so much to food, culture, and technology.


Open the eyes of your children and even yourself to understanding and appreciating the Chinese culture, which has provided such things as the abacus which is used in mathematics, the compass which is used in navigation, explosives which are used in fireworks and so much more.

The event starts at 3 PM in the afternoon and goes to 5 PM – a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon in Carrollton, Texas!