A Dentist Can Determine Whether Sinus Pain Is Sinuses or Dental

Differentiating Between Toothache and Sinus Pain

Getting rid of a persistent sinus problem is not a very easy thing to do. You could be trying many different medications and find out that none of them are really providing a solution. It may even be more complicated when you discover that it could be caused by another completely different problem – a toothache. 

The Connection

The sinus cavity is located very close to your upper back teeth. The close proximity could allow an infection that has started to spread from your teeth to go into your sinuses, or it can also go the other way – from your sinuses into your teeth. In fact, when you have a sinus condition, one of the symptoms will often be a pain in the back upper teeth. 

An Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth is one that has an infection either at the root of the tooth or in the gums next to the root of the tooth. This infection can spread and will often be painful. There is a real danger that the infection could spread into the brain – which could be fatal. It is considered to be a dental emergency.

Treating this condition requires that the infection is drained and the tooth repaired. If the infection goes through the tooth to the root, the dentist might be able to save the tooth by giving it a root canal. In some cases, the tooth will need to be extracted, and antibiotics are also likely to be used. 

As your immune system works to fight the infection, it will also start to deteriorate your jawbone in that area. The bacteria from the infected tooth can also travel through your bloodstream. When combined with the resultant inflammation, this could easily lead to buildups in your body that could cause further serious health complications.

If you observe that there is inflammation in your gums around a tooth, then you can be almost certain that the problem is a dental one. Getting treatment soon could help resolve your sinus problems.

Sinus Problems

Your sinus problems are not going to go away until the tooth and infection are properly treated. It may, however, fluctuate in terms of the amount of infection and sinus pain. 

When you have a sinus infection, your sinuses will expand due to the inflammation. This will put pressure on the nerves in your upper teeth, causing tooth pain. 

Testing for Sinus or Tooth Problems

If you are not sure whether your sinus problems are being caused by a toothache or not, you can do a simple test to find out. If you bend over and find that the pain in your tooth gets worse when you do, then it is a sinus problem. You can also suspect a sinus problem if you have had a cold or the flu lately.

Of course, if you have had a toothache before your sinus problems started, then you can be sure that you still have it. In order to stop the chronic sinus problems, you will need to have a dentist treat the cavity or other tooth problem. 

A sinus condition will likely cause pain in more than one tooth at the same time. The worse the sinus condition becomes, the greater the toothache pain. The pain from a sinus condition will also tend to be rather dull and continuous, but the pain from an abscessed tooth will be sharp and will grow in intensity.

Symptoms of Sinus Infection

When you have a sinus infection, symptoms will be different than what you would have with a toothache. Sinus infection symptoms include:

  • Fever

  • Bad breath

  • Tenderness in the cheekbones

  • Nasal discharge

  • Stuffy nose

  • Worse pain when sitting up than when lying down.

The Dental Examination

When you go to the dentist to have a look at the possibility of a dental problem, the dentist will take an x-ray. This will instantly reveal whether or not you have an abscessed tooth or other similar condition. When a sinus condition is being caused by a toothache, it will not go away until the tooth problem is remedied. 

Possible Jaw Problems

You may also have jaw problems that can cause your bite to be off. Pain from this type of problem is often felt in the jaw joint, which is just in front of your ears. The dentist can analyze your jaw and bite if this is the problem.

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