Bad Habits That Can Take a Toll on your teeth

Bad Habits That Can Take a Toll on Your Teeth

Teeth are great for chewing food, and they are generally very hard. They are not, however, as hard as some people might think, and certain bad habits can damage your teeth. You can save a lot of money on dental care needed for damaged teeth by eliminating certain bad habits.


Biting Your Nails

This common habit seems for some like a good way to keep your nails very short. You never have to use nail clippers. The problem is that it can lead to chipped teeth. It may also help push teeth out of their proper position. One more problem worth mentioning is that germs on your hands can easily lead to illness because they will end up in your mouth if your do not keep your hands clean.


Chewing Ice

Chewing on ice cubes is something that many people enjoy. Ice cubes are very hard, and this can easily lead to a chipped tooth or a cracked one. Either way, this bad habit messes up your nice teeth and will cost you to remedy it.


Eating Lemons

Lemons have a very high amount of acid in them and it will help destroy the enamel on your teeth. Keeping up with the habit can lead to severe damage to your teeth. You can help keep your beautiful teeth longer by staying away from this habit.


Stay Away from Soda


Sodas have an incredible amount of sugar in them – about nine teaspoons in each. When you consider that sugar in your mouth helps promote the growth of the bacteria that attacks your teeth, which leads to the production of acid, you begin to see why it is important to stay away from it. Soda also has the nasty effect of staining your teeth.


Don't Drink Coffee All Day


In America, it is true that this country still runs on coffee. Unfortunately, when you sip coffee that has a lot of sugar in it, you expose your teeth to sugar all day long. This increases the damage to your enamel and will stain your teeth, too. It will also dry out your mouth. You need a good amount of saliva in your mouth to fight the bacteria there, and to help keep bad breath away. If you need the caffeine pick-up during the day, do not put sugar in it.


Grinding Your Teeth

Teeth grinding can produce some really bad results on your teeth, whether you do it in the day or during your sleep. It will wear down your teeth, could damage the enamel, and could even crack teeth. Restoring teeth after years of teeth grinding can be expensive. It may also cause joint pain in your jaw – TMJ.


Brushing Too Hard

This habit comes from wanting to do it right. You want your teeth to be clean, and you probably brush for about two minutes, too. In spite of that, putting too much pressure on your toothbrush is harmful to both your gums and your teeth. Seek to massage the teeth with the toothbrush rather than scrub them. The stuff you need to remove is not firmly attached.


Eating Too Many Snacks

Your teeth will enjoy better health if they are not exposed to sugar all day long. Constant snacking will lead to a buildup  of the harmful bacteria in your mouth, which creates the acids that work to destroy the enamel on your teeth. It is a good idea to drink water after eating sweets to wash away the sugar.


Quit Smoking


Smoking is well-known to cause damage to just about every part of your body – including your mouth. According to, smoking causes smokers to have more problems in their mouth than non-smokers. This can include cavities, bad teeth, gum disease, mouth sores, and an earlier loss of teeth. It can also lead to various kinds of cancer in the mouth and throat.


Chewing on Pens and Pencils

If you tend to chew on pens or pencils, and some of them have metal parts on them, it is possible that you could chip or crack a tooth on them. It could also lead to some of the paint ending up in your gums, possibly leading to an infection in your gums.



While this is usually a child's habit, it can lead to continuing it into the teen and even adult years for some. It can cause teeth to become misaligned, which can change the structure of your jaw. This bad habit also carries with it the possibility of putting various germs in your mouth, leading to illness.


Some Medications

A number of medications can also have a negative impact on your teeth. While some of them may not be possible to replace, be sure to ask the doctor about how various medications will affect your teeth. In many cases, alternative medications may be prescribed, enabling you to keep your teeth looking healthy and beautiful.

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