Are these Healthy foods hurting your teeth

Healthy Foods that may damage your pearly whites

There are many sources today that claim that using this or that natural food is healthy foods to eat, or will make healthy snacks. Many of these so-called healthy foods may help your teeth, but others can harm them. While the foods certainly may be tasty, it may not be a good idea if it promotes tooth decay or damaged tooth enamel.

Dried Fruit

While we all know that fruit is good for you, there is a problem when it comes to dried fruit and your teeth. Dried fruit contains a natural sugar called fructose. The fact that they are dried means that the fruit will stick to your teeth longer and get caught in between them. The bacteria in your mouth that harms teeth and gums produce acid when they eat sugar. The fact that the fruit sticks to your teeth means that the acid is making direct contact with your teeth longer than it would with other foods, which will damage the enamel on your teeth.  

Fruit Juice

There is no doubt that citrus fruit juice contains many healthy vitamins and other goodies that will benefit your body. The problem with citrus fruit juice is that many of them contain about as much sugar in them as a can of soda – which is definitely not good for your teeth. Besides the sugar, citrus fruit juices also contain a lot of acid. Some people like to sip on water with some fruit juice added to it. This is not a good idea because it exposes your teeth to sugar, the acid from the bacteria, and the additional acid from your drink for long periods.

Coffee and Tea

Both coffee and tea help people to get going in the morning, and many people drink them through the day. There is also no doubt that both of them have a number of very good health benefits. The problem with coffee and tea is that many people put a lot of sugar into them. The excessive sugar is bad for your teeth, and both drinks are acidic. They also will likely stain your teeth.

Another problem with coffee and tea is that they are a diuretic. Anything with caffeine in it is a diuretic, including energy drinks. This means that it increases the need to urinate – which can also lead to dry mouth. A dry mouth is bad because you do not have enough saliva to keep the bacteria from forming plaque on your teeth.


Everyone knows that almonds and nuts, in general, are packed with a lot of good nutrients. The problem is that whole almonds are very hard. Biting down on them can lead to a cracked tooth. The same is true of any other hard food or candy. You are better off eating almond slices. It will let you get the same nutrients and will save your teeth, too.


Some people drink wine for its health benefits. Although it may have some ingredients that could help your heart, the truth is that wine is acidic. It ranges between 2.5 and 4.5 pH, and 7 is neutral. Although red wine may be slightly lower in acid content, it also contains tannins, which will stain your teeth. Wine also contains sugar, and it is a diuretic.

Peanut Butter

This favorite of people of all ages is loaded with vitamins and other nutrients – like most nuts. The problem with it is that it will stick to your teeth. In addition to the nutrients, however, it has a lot of added sugar. Since it sticks to your teeth, acid is created by the bacteria and it can harm the enamel on your teeth longer.

Drinking Water

Water really is the best drink you can get for your body and teeth. Being that your body is mostly water, about 70 percent of it, it helps to always have some on hand and drink it through the day. Drinking water helps to flush away the food and sugars on your teeth and the fluoride in local water will also help to protect your teeth from cavities.

The bacteria in your mouth produce acids that attack the enamel on your teeth. Drinking water helps wash it away and drinking it after eating sugary foods or drinks will help protect your teeth from the acid.

Another benefit is that keeping hydrated with water helps your mouth produce saliva. Saliva not only helps protect your teeth from the acid and food particles, but it also contains the minerals needed to remineralize your teeth from the frequent leeching action of the acid.

Caring for Your Teeth

When you eat healthy foods that can hurt your teeth, be sure to rinse your mouth out with water afterward and then brush them after about 20 minutes. After you eat, the enamel on your teeth has been softened, and brushing can further damage it. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing will help you keep your teeth looking good for many years – possibly even for the rest of your life.

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