Aged & Sunken Appearance

Feel Young and Avoid Premature Aging

Aged and sunken appearance, prematurely, from bone loss can be avoided by replacing teeth with  dental implants. When you lose a tooth, progressive bone deterioration begins at the site of tooth loss due to a lack of stimulation in the jaw bone. If left untreated, this bone degradation affects the jaw bone and underlying structure of the face. Cheeks and lips draw in while the jaw appears to recede, aging the appearance of the face considerably. While bone loss may be treated with bone grafts, the only action that has been successful in stopping the bone deterioration process is using dental implants for replacing your missing teeth.

Facts about Dental Restoration and Bone Loss

  • Replacing teeth can be accomplished through dental implants, implant supported dentures,  All-on-4 Same Day Teeth, and implant supported partial dentures. There are several affordable, convenient options for tooth restoration.

  • Dental implants consist of a titanium post, abutment, and a dental crown. The posts function much like a tooth root, stimulating the jaw bone and stopping bone loss.

  • Replacing missing teeth is recommended immediately after extraction, as tooth loss can negatively impact your appearance, nutrition, and communication with others.

  • Dentures have no effect on preventing bone loss, as they simply rest upon the gum line. In fact, dentures will cause bone loss by constant pressure they pose on the bone. Due to ongoing bone erosion from dentures, they require relining, refitting or replacement over time as the jaw bone deteriorates and changes shape.

If you suffer from these conditions treatment is available. A visit to Implants & Gumcare can help you gather all of the information you need to decide upon the treatment that is right for you. Teeth replacement can be performed with traditional dental implant technology or using latest innovative dental implant treatment concepts, allowing Dr. Vadivel to help you avoid premature aging.