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Anxiety and self-consciousness from missing teeth and gum problems is not uncommon. Tooth restoration and treatment of gum disease to improve your oral health can lessen anxiety. Replacing your lost teeth can improve your confidence. When you have missing teeth or significant oral problems, you avoid social situations or hide your smile behind your hand – anything to escape the embarrassment of having others see the unattractive empty spaces or bleeding gums left as a result of gum disease or decay. Lost teeth can create social anxiety and self-consciousness in previously gregarious patients, as they are unprepared for the emotional damage suffered after tooth loss. The importance of our smiles is far greater than function. A beautiful smile communicates youth, health, and attractiveness.

Contributors to Anxiety in Patients Who Have Lost Teeth.

  • Appearance: Missing teeth are unattractive. Most patients who have lost teeth to gum disease refuse to smile or laugh without hiding their mouths behind their hands and tend to avoid speaking.
  • Youth: Tooth loss makes you appear much older than you actually are. This is especially devastating if you have lost bone and are suffering from a sunken, hollow appearance of the cheeks and lips.
  • Personal Hygiene: The gum disease and decay that cause lost teeth can leave you with bleeding gums and bad breath, eroding your self-confidence. Gum disease also leads to unflattering receding gums that cannot be corrected without gum grafting procedures.
  • Activities: People who have lost teeth to gum disease usually experience high degrees of stress and anxiety in social situations and tend to avoid activities that they used to enjoy.The restoration of your teeth and gums can be accomplished with options, such as fixed dentures using dental implants, implant supported dentures, All-on-4, or other type of dental implant restorations. Bad teeth can be removed with oral surgery, gum disease can be terated with advanced laser gum surgery. All of the solutions offered by our team of periodontal specialists can make your self-confidence soar and improve your quality of life.
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